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Mies    van    der    Rohe

Mcubed Design Studio is personal architectural practice founded by Monika Malicka. Office is specializing in architecture, interior design, urban planning but also industrial and graphic design.


Mies van der Rohe - Less is more  


In order to accurately describe style in which we create - we chose minimalism. Minimalism is the the perfect amount of form and function. Good design is obvious, almost imperceptible. We do not feel emptiness but also do not feel satiety. Balance and harmony - which examples of are provided by nature and benefiting from it masters of craft, are showing us the essence of good design.

In our design practice we are looking for a balance between the importance of functionality and good design, drawing inspiration from nature and heritage of design masters. Our goal is not to create projects following the current fashion - but simple and elegant contemporary projects, which are timeless. Good design - as every good idea - it is searching. We often forget how important it is to study, analyze and looking from different angles distant from the road of clichés. The best projects respond to difficult questions before they appear.